The more experience you have, the more you use shortcuts. And vice versa

I Believe it so deeply. I hate when I see someone -for instance- who all the time clicks right.. sorry. First select the desired text, moves mouse to the correct place, clicks right on the selected text, then moves the mouse to the desired action in the opened menu… I got even bored when I write it.

Shortcuts are easy. Even for a beginner. May be not for grandmothers but for people who get used to use computers, can easily also get used to use shortcuts. It is unfortunately not the case, not because of the lack of their abilities but simple because the resources to learn shortcuts are very limited.

Therefore, a reserach is made and designed a software which can be integrated with many softwares to teach user how to do the desired actions by only using keyboards.

Currently, our hands are the most efficient way to communicate with devices. Please use them in care and efficiently!