Choosing a UI (User Interface) library is one of the essential choices for you and for your company.


  • It is hard to predict what the future brings. Especially in the world of web frameworks. Its popularity can slow down, its support can be stopped, updates can be worse (look at Angular) to new technologies etc…
  • After some time, it is possible to realize that it is though not satisfying your expectations. Changing from one to another costs always much time and effort
  • In most of the cases, from structure to habbits, from keeping files to the way you connect, from technologies you use to your abilities… everything will be somehow changed.

My advice is to keep yourself as much as possible away from fully depending on a UI library.  Though, here are some popular, strong libraries you can take a look:

if you want to give money:

if you decide to keep your money with yourself:

If the aims is to write very very high level UI code, the following code generator programs are just amazing to construct your whole UI of the app within minutes (for the ones who wants to use Bootstrap):

Please also mention your favorite framework or a UI you think that it will be listed here.